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For Women

When you hear menopause, do you think of estrogen? It is true estrogen levels do decline in the years approaching menopause, but there is another very important hormone that begins to decline even before that. Progesterone has been shown to begin its decline up to 10 years before menopause! Since progesterone helps with anxiety, sleep, depression, fluid retention, weight stability, hot flashes and much more, 10 years is a long time to go without it. Through state-of-the-art saliva testing, we can measure your levels of these and other important hormones to get your body back in balance.

For Men

Hormone restoration is not just for women. "Low T" is becoming a popular buzz phrase these days. While it's true that men's testosterone levels begin to decline after the age of 26, that's not the only hormone that is important. As men age, their estrogen levels can start to rise. This, in combination with declining testosterone, can be a bothersome and even dangerous situation. Also, men can have somewhat normal testosterone levels, but low DHEA levels and still have many of the same symptoms of low T such as fatigue, depression, weight gain, erectile dysfunction and lack of motivation.
Hormone Testing

Weight Loss

Our goals with weight loss are to help you become healthier. We will consider all aspects of your health as we help you lose weight. If your hormones, current medications or lifestyle choices are affecting your ability to lose weight, we will address those things. We view weight loss as an integral part of your overall health and not simply a way to take off extra pounds. We incorporate supplements, healthy eating, and exercise; as well as offering the HCG Diet Plan.
Hormone Testing


Have you ever thought you might have low thyroid? You've heard the symptoms all your life: fatigue, weight gain, dry skin and hair. You go to your doctor to be tested and are told your TSH is normal. Here at LivingWell, we consider the big picture of thyroid, and if necessary, we will measure T4, T3 and even something called Reverse T3. This tells us much more than a screening TSH.
Hormone Testing

Mental Clarity

There are so many factors that affect how your brain works. Exercise, good nutrition and stress management all have their place, but most people do not realize that hormones such as estradiol, testosterone, cortisol and even thyroid, are important factors in brain function. "Brain Fog" is a common symptom for men or women who are experiencing hormonal decline. Getting these hormones back in balance, in conjunction with better lifestyle choices can be life changing!
Hormone Testing

Sleep Problems

Insomnia is not a diagnosis, it is a symptom, but whatever it's called, it's no fun to have. Finding the root of the problem and resolving it may be as simple as balancing a few hormones, or it could be very difficult and require other testing. Whichever the case, we are committed to restoring sleep because we know it is critical to all other functions in the body. The adrenal glands in particular must have good sleep to function properly, as do all systems in the body. Cortisol testing can be instrumental is solving sleep issues, but is most helpful if checked right before you go to bed. That is another benefit of saliva testing, which is done in the privacy of your home.
Hormone Testing

Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive, AKA "low libido". As most of us know, this can affect anyone, and can be frustrating for all involved. For men, the main hormone offenders are Testosterone and DHEA. However, this is not often true for women. Low progesterone is often the culprit in women, probably because of its effect on anxiety and mood. At any rate, hormone balance is critically important to help resolve this troublesome issue.
Hormone Testing

Low Energy

Do you wake up tired? Push yourself through the day with caffeine and/or carbs high in sugar and salt? Manage to get through the day only to have to do it again tomorrow? Have you already been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Low energy and fatigue can be a sign of any number of imbalances, but it shouldn't be tolerated. There is a reason, and we can help you figure it out. Once we know the cause, treatment can begin.


At LivingWell Integrative Healthcare it is our mission to help you to live in a state of optimal health. We feel this goal is best achieved through a careful and highly individualized program of nutritional and lifestyle counseling coupled with the science of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. We specialize in the restoration of youthful levels of natural hormones and helping you integrate lifestyle improvements that will bring about a noticeable change in the way you look and feel.

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement?

As we age, our natural hormone levels decrease leading to significant health issues. Restoring hormone levels can reverse many of the effects of aging. Bio-Identical hormones have the same chemical structure as those made by the human body. Using Bio-Identical hormones safely restores health and vitality while avoiding many of the dangerous side-effects associated with commercially manufactured pharmaceuticals. Through careful analysis and cutting edge testing we are able to identify where you are hormone deficient and develop a treatment plan that best fits your goals and lifestyle.

Why Adrenals and Thyroid?

Shortly after opening LivingWell in 2006, we realized that the body cannot be fully restored to balance without addressing all the major endocrine systems in our body. All of these systems intertwine like a well conducted orchestra. It's beautifully harmonic when played together skillfully, but sounds horrible when even one small section is out of balance.  That is what happens in our body. The adrenal glands, that make the much needed hormone cortisol, can get over stimulated from acute stress, or fatigued from chronic stress. This imbalance of cortisol can effect thyroid conversion and/or “sex” hormone balance.  Thyroid hormone controls every cell in our body, so we want optimal conversion, however, low or imbalanced “sex” hormones can also throw off this process. That's why it's so important to address  all of these systems collectively.